Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I know if a carpet is good quality or 'cheap'?
  2. Tufted Carpet vs Woven Carpet
  3. Which design will work for me?
  4. What colour should I choose?
  5. How do I choose an underlay?


How will I know if a carpet is good quality or 'cheap'?

Appearance retention is what you need to ask for as opposed to warranty. Carpets are graded by the A.C.C.S (The Australian Carpet Classifications Scheme). The higher the ACCS grading the better the carpet should be. Warranties are usually issued by the manufacturer based on the expected use the grading achieved implies. (e.g. Medium Duty Domestic). A cheap carpet may have a warranty for light domestic use, but put into a heavy domestic use will not retain its new appearance for long.
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Tufted Carpet vs Woven Carpet

Woven technology produces quite traditional designs through weaving the pile and backing at the same time, which in turn keeps the tufts anchored in place. Modern tufting whilst introducing the same yarns into a primary backing provides the buyer with a quality carpet which is between half to a third of the cost of a woven carpet.
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Which design will work for me?

Consider the type of room, building, and usage and who will be living within the environment you create. If the children are the most frequent users of the family area would bright colour be appreciated? If a commercial office application, the wear and foot traffic will become a major consideration leading to the selection of a darker patterned carpet. You may wish to employ the services of a professional designer or architect to consider your whole interior design concept.
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What colour should I choose?

As you may not often be selecting carpet you should try to take home the largest sample of the colour you are considering to help you make a decision. Try to look at the sample against different windows and walls, and in different lighting conditions. Again, consider the intended use and likely soiling that will result. If you use common sense, you will always be happier with the investment you have made for longer.
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How do I choose an underlay?

In some commercial situations a heavy duty commercial carpet may be direct stick to the floor. Carpets generally perform better with an underlay as the cushioning effect of a good underlay absorbs the footfall shock, thus reducing wear on the surface pile. Your commercial flooring contractor or retail store can advise you as to which of the many products on the market may be suitable for the carpet you are considering. Bridgestone and Dunlop underlays are products we recommend for a wide variety of applications.
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